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C1 Satellite Truck


Transmission Equipment

•2 Xicom XT-400C 400 watt C-band Outdoor Transmitters

•1 Xicom XTC-114D TWT Indoor Controller with redundant auto-switchover

•2 Adtec EN91 MPEG 4 SD/HD Encoder w/ 16 channel Embedded Audio

•2 Radyne DM240 Digital Modulators

•2 RSI/Vertex C-Band Up-Converters

•1 SMC 4360 1:1 Automatic Switchover unit (modulators)

•1 Comtech 5.5 Meter C-Band Satellite Antenna System

•1 Comtech 2-Port C-Band Feed assy.w/ motorized Crosspole

•1 Comtech EC-1A Electronic Polarizer

•1 Andrew MR50 Dehydrator

Digital Audio/Video Distribution

•1 SD/HD SDI Distribution Amplifier Chassis w/Redundant PSU’s

•4 RH10DA SD/HD-SDI Video DA Cards

•4 Harris AES Audio Distribution Cards w/ Frame

•2 HANS-G 19 ft LCD HD Monitor Display

•3 ADC HD/SD/AES Patch Panels

•1 ADC Analog Audio Patch Panel

•1 HP PC for Entire Racks Automation and Remote Control

•4 Conare BCJ-XP-TRB AES Transformers

•1 RTS RMS-300 Intercom User Station

•1 Mackie 1202-VCZ Pro Audio Mixer Console

•Assorted HD/SD/AES Patch Cables

SD/HD and RF Monitoring

•1 Direct TV HD Receiver with HDMI to HDSDI Blackmagic Designs converter

•1 KVH Raydome Satellite Antenna System R4SL

•1 Tandberg RX-1290 SD/HD DVB Mpeg-2/4 IRD

•1 Upcom IRD+

•1 Wohler AMP1-16M 16Channel 3G/HD/SDI Audio Monitor

•1 Wohler AMP2-S8 SERIES+ Digital Audio Monitor Panel

•1 Leader LV5750 SD/HDSDI Test Monitor w/Audio Option

•1 Harris Predator Multi-View Dual SD/HDSDI Monitor System w/ audio option

•Stream Xpert ASI Stream Analyser with dual Card and Software

•1 Avcom Spectrum Analyzer

•1 Tektronix 1705 Spectrum Analyzer

SD/HD Interconnect Cabling

•1 100 ft 5 Path 1.5 Gb SD/HD Video Snake with BNC Connectors

•4 200 ft 1.5 Gb SD/HD Video cables with BNC Connectors

•2 200 ft XLR Audio Cable with XLR Connectors

Power Generation / Regulation / Distribution

•1 Kohler 20kw Turbo Diesel GenSet Package with 50 gallon Fuel Tank

•1 Teal Line Voltage Buck/Boost Transformer/Regulator (100amp:120VAC)

•1 100 ft #4 SO 4-wire 100amp AC Cable w/8 camlock connectors

•1 100 ft #4 SO 4-wire 100amp AC Cable w/4 camlock connectors

•4 Camlock “T” 100amp/120VAC adaptor

Truck Cab and Chassis

•2001 Freightliner FL-70 Turbo CAT Diesel with Dual 50 gallon tanks

•Custom Built Deck and Enclosure with Storage Bins and Bunk/Seat

•Two Carrier 15,000 BTU RoofTop A/C Units with Air Shower Vents


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