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Davie / Ft. Lauderdale Studio

DCL's Davie location is conveniently located on SR 84 on the south side of Interstate 595, between Hiatus Rd. and Knob Hill Rd.  Booking for ALL locations are made through this office.  In DCL's Davie facility there are nine outbound VYVX ports and two inbound VYVX ports making us the largest fiber provider in the southeast. We have the ability to transmit and receive multiple video signals to any of our other facilities, including our teleport, thus allowing you the ability to utilize C or Ku band transmission and reception.


 Services for this location include:
  • HD or SD Services
  • 2 Studios
  • LTN Connectivity
  • Digicaster Connectivity
  • VYVX Connectivity
  • All Connectivity offered in Classic / SDI & ASI services
  • Live interview inserts
  • Tape Feeds
  • Video Streaming
  • Hair and make-up is available upon request
  • Beta SP Editing
  • Beta SP Players
  • DVCAM Player/Recorder
  • DVD Player
  • Web Streaming
  • FTP Pump & Play
  • Daytime Backdrop
  • Neutral Backdrop (Bookcase)
  • Nighttime Backdrop
  • Chroma Key Blue Backdrop
  • Chroma Key Green Backdrop
  • Electronic Image Backdrops
  • E-Tracks
  • NTSC and PAL Compliant
  • 4x3 and 16x9 Aspect Ratios
  • SDI or Classic Services

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