Why DIGICASTER® Is Simply the Best

From low latency to a variety of inputs and outputs, DIGICASTER®’s wide range of features and capabilities make it the ultimate tool for transmitting your broadcast-quality video content over the Internet. Scan the list of features and reach out to us with any questions. We constantly make improvements to our products. In fact, we’ve made many product enhancements as a direct response to customer requests. If there’s a feature you need, we might just build it in for you.

The DIGICASTER®​ is a protected IP, HD/SD video transport platform service.

Global Network

The Technology

DCL’s DIGICASTER® Platform has been designed to operate over less expensive Business Class Internet circuits, while still delivering high quality HD and SD video transport with low latency. This design can mean huge savings to businesses that currently have large monthly recurring local loop charges for circuits connecting to the major video switches.

We specialize in delivering some of the lowest latency measurements for transmitting video content via the Internet.  We have many customers who use our technology for live interactive talking-head interviews both domestically and internationally.

Our proprietary packet recovery technology is powerful enough to withstand a significantly higher volume of packet loss than standard business class Internet circuits typically incur. This allows transmission paths to traverse the public Internet for the entire route of the transmission.

  • IP
  • ASI
  • SDI
  • HDMI

We provide our transmission platform as a fully managed service, which includes all the encoding and decoding hardware required to get your delivery network up and running. This means that customers no longer need to plan and budget for the acquisition of encoding and decoding hardware and can instead focus on designing and deploying their contribution and distribution networks.

As part of our fully managed service, we staff our NOC around the clock to ensure that when you have any issues with your video transmission, we’re there to help diagnose and resolve the problem to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • MPEG-2
  • 264
  • 265 (HEVC)
  • CEA-608
  • CEA-708
  • MPEG-2
  • AAC
  • Vorbis

We currently support a maximum of 16 channels (8 AES) of embedded audio per stream.

All transmissions are secured with AES 256-bit military grade encryption to ensure your streams are delivered safely and securely.

  • Teleport
  • Vyvx

All the features listed above are packaged inside our web-based scheduling and management portal. Our web portal eliminates the need to constantly reconfigure encoders and decoders. You simply schedule events through the web portal and the scheduler takes care of all the appliance configurations.

We constantly cultivate our ecosystem by integrating third-party technologies into our platform based upon customer requests and as they become industry standards. We currently support full NewTek NDI integration.


The DIGICASTER® platform offers two transmission models: point-to-point (PAP) and point-to-multi-point (DNA).


DIGICASTER® PAP, or point-to-any point, as we like to call it, delivers a stream from a source device to a single destination device. The reason we use the term “any point” is to differentiate it from a typical fiber point-to-point circuit that connects two physical locations, and traffic can only be transmitted between these two locations. With DIGICASTER® PAP, a stream can be sent from a source location to any available receiving device connected to the Internet—meaning “any point” on the Internet with an available, connected receiving appliance. The source appliance can send the stream to a specific destination today, and a completely different destination tomorrow, so it’s not bound by the limitations of a point-to-point fiber circuit that can only transmit between two fixed locations.

Sports and news gathering (SNG/ENG)

Remote production (REMI)

Full-time linear channel contribution​


DIGICASTER® DNA (Distribution Network Application) is our point-to-multi-point delivery solution. DNA allows the source appliance to send the stream to one or more of our distribution centers, where the stream is replicated and retransmitted to as many destinations are required.  DIGICASTER® DNA offers a variety of redundancy options to protect against circuit failure and hardware failures, from redundant source streams and appliances and redundant distribution centers to redundant destination streams and appliances.

Education and distance learning

Linear channel delivery to distribution head-ends

Corporate broadcast to remote locations


The DIGICASTER® Pro is a 1U rackmountable appliance that supports a maximum of four (4) encoder or transmit streams, and eight (8) decoder or receive streams. This is achieved via a combination of onboard and external IP enabled encoders and decoders.


The DIGICASTER® Shuttle is the ultimate in portability with a compact form factor that’s ready to pick up and go . . . it’s the perfect solution for ad hoc events. This appliance supports a maximum of four (4) encoder or transmit streams, and eight (8) decoder or receive streams.

DIGICASTER® Applications

  • Talking head live shot studios.
  • Full-time linear channel contribution.
  • Sports and news gathering (SNG).
  • Remote production (REMI).
  • House of worship broadcast to satellite locations.
  • Education and distance learning.
  • Linear channel delivery to distribution head-ends.
  • Corporate broadcast to remote locations.