Gateway Products

DCL’s Remote Control Package is the ultimate solution for remote control of your PTZ cameras and DMX studio light panels.  The Package consists of an IP PTZ Keyboard Controller and a PTZ Controller Gateway installed at your Master Control facility, and a PTZ Camera Gateway and a DMX Gateway installed at the remote location where your PTZ camera and studio light panels have been deployed.  

This package offers significant cost savings for remote production and is an essential tool for your Master Control.  You use the IP PTZ Keyboard Controller for remote control of your PTZ cameras, and a user-friendly web interface for control of your DMX studio light panels.

DCL’s Remote Control Package

Price $2,495

Annual Gateway License

$447 ($149 per device)

Remote Control Package

Our Remote Control Package is simple to install, and in most circumstances eliminates the need to mess around with firewall configurations and NAT or port forwarding rules.  Additionally, the PTZ Controller Gateway can communicate with multiple PTZ Camera Gateways allowing Master Control to use a single keyboard controller to control PTZ cameras at multiple remote locations.