Professional Studio Package

DCL’s Professional Studio Package builds on the Home Studio package, adding a professional teleprompter, as well as, 3-point studio lighting. The lighting panels are DMX enabled providing control of both brightness and color temperature. The professional teleprompter has a 22” prompter screen, along with a dual purpose 22” monitor that can be used for self-checking and as a network return. All of this great technology packaged together at a very affordable price.

For the seasoned pro, setup will be a breeze. But don’t worry if you not the expert, our Technical Support Team is standing by to walk you through the setup. As with the Home Studio Package, we have tools available to facilitate remote control. Check out our PTZ Remote Control Package and our DMX Gateway products.

Price $9,995

Home Studio Package

DCL’s Home Studio Package is the perfect solution to a cost effective way of acquiring broadcast quality video content from a home or home office location. In today’s environment of social distancing and self-quarantining, you don’t have to choose between controlling costs and broadcast quality video . . . the Home Studio Package delivers both. The package has everything you need to get the quality content you want; camera, DIGICASTER® appliance, lavalier mic, and IFB setup.

Setup is a snap, just connect both appliances to your network, connect the camera to the DIGICASTER® appliance, and off you go. Our Technical Support Team is also available to walk you through the setup and usage if required. And for greater control, take a look at our PTZ Remote Control Package which allows you to control your camera remotely from Master Control.

Price $4,995

Remote Control Package

DCL’s Remote Control Package is the ultimate solution for remote control of your PTZ cameras and DMX studio light panels. The Package consists of an IP PTZ Keyboard Controller, a PTZ Controller Gateway, a PTZ Camera Gateway, and a DMX Gateway. This package offers significant cost savings for remote production and is an essential tool for your Master Control. You use the IP PTZ Keyboard Controller for remote control of your PTZ cameras, and we provide a user-friendly web interface for control of your DMX studio light panels.

Our Remote Control Package is simple to install, and in most circumstances eliminates the need to mess around with firewall configurations and NAT or port forwarding rules. Additionally, the PTZ Controller Gateway can communicate with multiple PTZ Camera Gateways allowing Master Control to use a single keyboard controller to control PTZ cameras at multiple remote locations.

Price $2,495

Annual Gateway License $447 ($149 per device)