Remote 3D Virtual Production

Our real-time virtual production system uses fully realized 3D environments powered by Unreal Engine which uses the latest advancements in real-time raytracing, volumetric lighting and HDR to deliver engaging photo realistic next generation productions for industries such as broadcasting, augmented reality, live events, esports and music.

With up to eight unique live video feeds from a variety of sources including Skype TX and DigiCaster your talent can be located anywhere on the globe. From a home office using one of our Pop-up studio solutions and skype, a corporate broadcast center using a DigiCaster Direct link box, Digital Comm Link Satellite studio or here at New Jersey Live Studios. You can have your choice of video locations to keep your talent socially distanced and safe. Our control center at New Jersey Live Studios is a fully automated, with all of our staff being able to control your shoot remotely.

We have a selection of stock virtual sets that you can choose from. All of the stock sets can be fully branded to your specifi cations. Or we can create fully custom environments to meet your production needs.

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